Service Terms & Conditions

If you are a commercial customer receiving waste service from a Trust Waste Solutions’ entity with a signed “Commercial Solid Waste Collection Contract/Agreement, your services are provided pursuant to the terms on your invoice and the terms disclosed on this page. “Trust Waste Solutions” is used herein to describe the operating subsidiary that provides service to you under the Trust Rental LLC brand.

Delivery Fee

The operating subsidiary providing your service will provide containers for your convenience with respect to the collection and on-site storage of your solid waste materials. Container delivery and removal fees are intended to offset Trust Waste Solutions’ operational costs of sending a truck to deliver your container(s) at the start of your service and removing your container(s) when your service ends, as well as costs related to repairs and refurbishment of the containers following your use. Container delivery and removal fees are set by Trust Waste Solutions and are subject to change at any time. Container delivery and removal fees are charged at the prevailing rate at the time of delivery or removal for all Customers; however, neither your container delivery fee nor your container removal fee will exceed $100 per container.

Fuel Recovery Fee

The Fuel Recovery Fee is an enterprise-wide recurring fee that is a fixed percentage of all invoice charges.  It is not a tax, surcharge or fee mandated by or remitted to any governmental or regulatory agency. The Fuel Recovery Fee is intended to help our businesses recover both direct and indirect fuel and petrochemical costs associated with the operation of collection and transfer services, and facilities regionally, and it includes an amount designed to achieve an acceptable operating margin. Department of Energy Information Administration “On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices” index. Trust Waste Solutions monitors those costs monthly and reserves the right to change its method of determining the Fuel Recovery Fee at its discretion.

Transfer of Service

If you are transferring your services to a new location, advanced notice is required before services can resume or begin. Trust Waste Solutions reserves the right to increase rates based off distance and location of the new location. If Trust Waste Solutions is not permitted to providing service at your new location due to laws, government, franchise contracts, or any other reasons outside of Trust Waste Solutions’ control; Trust Waste Solutions will bill the customer the reamaning amount of the current contract term as a final invoice prior to collecting and equipment on site.

Cancelation of Services

You have a right to rescind your initial order for service within 48 hours of your order without incurring any charges by calling the telephone number on the front of your invoice (979) 257.3610; any prebilled charges will be refunded to you less any amounts for services rendered. You may also cancel your services at any other time by calling our office at (979) 257.3610. Please note that any unpaid invoice will require payment in full to cancel services, so your cancellation will be effective as of the last day of the month in which you cancel. For example, if you cancel service on January 15, Trust Waste Solutions will process your cancellation to be effective on January 30, which is also when we will remove your container(s).

Late Fee

If you fail to pay your invoice on or before its due date, Trust Waste Solutions reserves the right to charge you a late payment penalty. Late payment fees are intended to help Trust Waste Solutions recover its costs incurred in managing customers’ unpaid invoices. Late payment fees are set by Trust Waste Solutions and are subject to change at any time by Trust Waste Solutions’ discretion; however, your late payment fee will not exceed the greater of $25 or up to 12% of the applicable charges, subject to applicable law. 


Some services provided by Trust Waste Solutions (including equipment rental) may be subject to state, local and/or franchise taxes or fees. If applicable, such state, local and/or franchise taxes or fees will be separately itemized on your invoice, collected by Trust Waste Solutions and submitted to the appropriate taxing authority and/or franchise authority.

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